With over 200 different model configurations, and offering features such as our patented Self Cleaning Technology, Grillsmart Oil Management System, Jetforce and Integrated Ignition systems, even insulated roasting hoods for both safety and performance - Garth barbecues are designed to suit the individual requirements of our valued customers around the world.

    Our range is not just limited to traditional barbecue designs, we also present our Hotbox range of barbecues. A modern and contemporary twist for the customer who wants to make a bold statement.

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    The Fornetto range of wood fired ovens and smokers bring a new dimension to outdoor entertaining with traditional cooking techniques and sophisticated styling.  Our ovens are the ‘must have’ appliance to complete your outdoor kitchen.

    Visit the Fornetto website for more information and handy recipe videos.

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    The Garth Garden Oven is a double functioning wood fired smoker and baking garden oven – comprising of two separate cooking chambers, fire box and wood storage unit. The fully lined stainless steel oven with sliding rack is ideal for smoking or cooking your favourite meal.


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    Your Garth Barbecue has a number unique and innovative features.  To find out more, click on the video links below to launch.




    To complement your Garth barbecue, we produce a wide range of quality accessory items including toolsets, rotisseries, roasters, charcoal firestarters even pizza stones and cutters.

    To find out what accessories are available in your area or where to buy, contact your local Garth office.

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    A Garth barbecue will always feature quality cooking surfaces whether they are stainless steel or cast iron.  With different configurations and finishes on our grills and hotplates, we have the right product designed to suit every cooking situation including our patented Grillsmart Oil Management System.

    To see the range of cooking surfaces available, click here.

    For information and advice on replacement or alternative cooking surfaces for your barbecue, contact your local Garth office.

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    Keep your Garth barbecue clean and dry by keeping it covered when not in use.  We have a range of high quality covers to suit models across our entire range – even the built in models.

    To see  our range of available covers, click here.

    For a list of available covers available or stockists in your area, contact your local Garth office.


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    To keep your Garth barbecue in perfect working order for many years you can purchase additional or replacement parts as needed.  From new burners, flame tamers or control knobs, to replacing grills and hotplates even damaged panels* (depending upon particular model and availability), ordering online is easy and efficient.

    For Warranty or Spare Parts, go to the Customer or Retailer section.

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