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Proper care and maintenance will keep the BBQ in top operational condition and prolong its life.

Our advice is to:

  • Keep your BBQ beneath a weather cover and out of the rain.
  • Protect your fat tray with some aluminium foil and sand
  • Apply a thin coat of archade oil (avocado oil can also be used) to the cast iron grills and hotplates. Repeat regularly.
  • Keep the fat tray, burners, flame tamers, grills and hotplates indoors in a dry dust free environment during autumn and winter when the BBQ is not in use.

1. Open the “Product Information” page on the website

2. Find your product using filters or a search form

3. On the Product page, find the link “Download diagram of the spare parts for this product” and click on it

4. In the PDF document opened in the new browser tab, find the code of the spare part you’re looking for. Copy it and paste it to the related field in the form

  • When the BBQ has caught fire, please upload following images:  1. When the fire started at the front or side of the BBQ: images of the inside of the frame (burners and valves need to be visible), hose and regulator (including an image how the hose and regulator was attached to the manifold) and the fat tray. 2. When the fire started at the back of your BBQ:  images of the outside of the BBQ frame, the venturi on the back of the BBQ and the fat tray.
  • When a burner or valve is not working correctly we request you to upload a video that clearly shows the problem to understand where the problem is coming from.
  • When parts are damaged please upload images of the damaged parts and images of all sides of the carton.

The minimum warranty period on a Garth barbecue is 12 months or 24 months in Europe.

As warranty periods differ between models and retailers. It is advisable to check the Instruction and Assembly Manual for details.  The warranty details are found at the back of the booklets.  Some models may also have an extended Limited Warranty period.

The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase only.

Garth warranties are provided in addition to all other rights and remedies you may have under  consumer law in the country of purchase.

You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to major failure.

Your warranty period covers you for parts, labour and repairs as a result of normal usage.

  • Lack of maintenance, abuse, neglect, misuse, accidental or improper installation of this appliance, or commercial use of the product.
  • Scratches, dents, corrosion or discoloration caused by heat, abrasive chemical cleaners or chipping of porcelain enamel parts.
  • Cracks and weathering of any timber parts caused by exposure to the elements or damage by heat, insects, chemicals, or food acids or juices.
  • Corrosion or damage caused by exposure to the elements eg: insects, weather, hail.
  • Grease and fat fires.
  • Cleaning and wear and tear.
  • Rusting of cast iron plates, grills and burners.
  • Unauthorized repairs or modifications during the warranty period.
  • Removal or re-installation costs. This warranty does not cover costs for transit.

You can order spare and replacement parts under warranty directly from this website: click here

To order parts under warranty you will need to provide proof of purchase and the serial number for your barbecue or oven. You may also need to upload photographs of damaged parts.

You can order spare and replacement parts directly from this website by filling out the form. First find your product in the Product Information section, then click on the ORDER SPARE PARTS button and complete the form. A member of the Garth Support team will check the availability of the part/s and contact you directly to process your payment details and to complete your order.

The serial number is printed on the cartons that your Garth barbecue or oven came in and can also be found on the silver dataplate on the back of the appliances or on the inside of the cabinet door (applicable models only).

The dataplate is a heavy duty silver label that is found on the back or on the inside of the cabinet door (applicable models only) of Garth barbecues and ovens.  The data plate lists the model number, serial number, manufacturing details, appropriate international safety standards, as well as technical information such as gas consumption rates.  The dataplate should not be removed under any circumstances.

The manufacturer’s model number is contained within the “Operation and Instruction Manual” and is printed on the carton packaging.  You will also find a red sticker with the model number on the unit itself.  This sticker is usually found on the inside of the cabinet door (applicable models only) or on the underside of the side shelves.

If your barbecue was originally supplied with volcanic rock, then yes you may replace these rocks as they become soiled.

If your barbecue was designed and manufactured for use with a flame tamer then you may NOT add volcanic rocks.

Installing volcanic rocks in a barbecue not designed for their use can lead to your barbecue malfunctioning and will automatically void your warranty.

No. Only two burners should be on at a time when  the roasting hood is in the down position.  If you have all the burners alight and the hood down you will damage or crack the hood and void your warranty.

Not all Garth barbecues have been approved for conversion to natural gas. It is advisable to first check the data plate and the operation and instruction manual that comes with your barbecue.

Once you have confirmed that the barbecue is approved for natural gas conversion, you will need to ensure that the work is carried out only by a registered Gas Fitter / Plumber. A certificate of compliance must be issued upon completion.

Conversion carried out by an unqualified person will automatically void your barbecue’s warranty.